3 Week Diet

Loosing weight is a challenging and long term process. Lose weight fast ploys often get reversed quickly by people who revert back to their old habits and gain back the weight that they were trying to lose. That is why dieticians and other weight loss specialists will often convey the importance of maintaining a long term diet comprised of proper nutrition and aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

The three week diet - why it is a good introduction

Having said that a person needs to start somewhere and a diet for a shorter period of time can help to quicken the process and get a person hooked on weight loss. As a result a three week diet can be a great introduction to proper diet and nutrition and lead to long term weight loss.

What does a three week diet involve

Three week diets will fluctuate depending on the advocate for the diet. Not everyone is similar and there are many nuances between different diets. The best of them will involve reducing the amount of calories that you consume, increase your exercise load, and monitor your diet and results in a journal that is then given to a specialist for review and analysis. From here the specialist can make recommendations beyond your 3 week diet period and provide you with a longer term plan for a healthy lifestyle.

Many three week diets will recommend reducing the amount of processed starches and complex carbohydrates, processed foods, and saturated fats and instead recommend a diet rich in nutrition from vegetables, fruits, nuts and lean meats. This mix will help to shed excess body weight and be healthier and slimmer overall. While a three week period is not enough to accomplish this it is a good start along a healthier lifestyle and can be a great introduction to understanding weight loss. 


The 3 week diet plan is about ridding your body of 12 to 23 pounds of unwanted weight in 3 weeks. This diet consists of 4 different phases.


Phase 1 covers the first week of the 3 week diet plan. This phase is the detox phase where many people will burn off 5 to 10 pounds. In this phase the person will be limited to what they can eat. The person can only eat meat and vegetables. The only carbs the person will be eating are from the vegetables. Phase 1 helps kick start the metabolism and the body into burning the unwanted weight.


Phase 2 covers only day 8 of the diet plan. The 24 hours of day 8 the person will be fasting. The person will not eat anything and will only be allowed to drink water.


Phase 3 covers days 9 through 11. For these 3 days of the diet plan the person will be eating fatty foods. Eating a low calorie diet and high fats will prime, or pump up, the body to help it burn unwanted weight naturally. Phase 3 is not an easy phase of the diet plan but it only lasts 3 days.


Phase 4 starts on day 12. This phase will last the remainder of the 3 weeks and usually beyond. In phase 4 the person will be on a restricted calorie count every single day. The person will learn how to keep their daily calorie count to a level where they can maintain the weight they already lost in the previous phases and continue to loose any unwanted weight they still have to loose. Phase 4 gives the person direction so they do not gain weight back.